What are human rights?

What are human rights? Before we answer this question let’s define some terms. By itself, the human is an individual, which belongs to the genus “Homo sapiens”. This type includes all living men, women and children. Each of them has the rights. They are protected by the state and laws. There are special enforcement agencies which have the right to act in accordance with these laws to the benefit of citizens.

All rights are reflected in a list of human rights. Each right belongs to every living person due to the fact that he is simply a human. Unfortunately, to date, not all people are acutely aware of what is human rights. Even if you ask people on the street, they will hardly define human rights. It is unlikely that you will get any concrete answer. Variations of definition of human rights can differ so widely that the boundaries of the concept are blurred incredibly. This is due to obvious reasons. Many people list the rights they know, but frankly speaking, who has ever read the Declaration of Human Rights? This suggests that we simply do not know about the rights granted to us by birth.

Speaking more generally, the human right is the freedom for a particular type; the ability to do what he wants. You have rights just because you are a human. That is enough. Each right is based on respect for each individual. The last has every reason to be treated with respect and dignity. This is determined by ethical, moral and rational qualities of humans, as a form of life.

Due to the fact that human rights are universal, they got this name. Do not confuse the right of certain groups of people with universal rights. Some countries and groups can use additional rights granted to them for some reasons. In contrast, human rights are universal. Every individual is endowed with them, regardless of where he lives, how old he is, what sex or religion he has.

Unfortunately, to date, most people are aware only of the rights of freedom of speech and religion. They can also take a couple of additional definitions, but this list is not complete. The entire list of human rights can be found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There all the rights of every individual are listed.

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