Human Rights Abuses

Human rights in South Asia is an important international issue that needs to be confronted by local governments and international forums in order to eradicate human rights abuses and help people live a decent life, in harmony and equality with others.

Common problems that affect human rights in South Asia, but also in many parts of the world, include military governments that aren’t offering equal rights, physical abuses on women caused by religious issues, child molesting and child abusing and also the lack of medical care, clean water and enough food resources. One of the biggest problems in such countries represents work abuses and persecution by foreign companies that pay the local work force with low wages for 14 hours of work a day. Sometimes, local individuals don’t earn enough to feed their families, still they are overworked and exhausted. Such practices have become common since big brand factories have open in many countries in Asia. The manufacturing process is cheap here and these companies are driven by profit and don’t care about the future of the country or about the future of its inhabitants. People all around the world should help fight these human rights abuses and release individuals from poverty.

Here, in the Western world, people should be careful where they shop from. People should look out for such websites and avoid them. In the end, they gamble with both their future and also the future of millions of people who are exploited for financial profit in South Asia and in many other parts of the world.