Human Rights in South Asia – Sites and Institutions

The situation of human rights in Asia (or lack thereof) calls for many organizations to become involved and improve the conditions that the locals must endure. One of these organization is the International Red Cross, under a variety of emblems such as the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal. These different banners came into being due to the fact that the cross is not a fully recognized symbol in most Asian countries. Even though the Red Cross claims that their original emblem is merely a reversal of Switzerland’s flag colors and is not meant to represent christianity, other suggestions have been proposed, like the Red Lion and Sun which is currently disused, and the Red Star of David, which was never recognized.

Other organizations that also watch for human rights in Asia are precisely Human Rights Watch, and also Amnesty International, as well as the International Federation for Human Rights, which is the oldest NGO federation for human rights organizations.