Human Rights Responsibility

The HRC every year measures and verifies the treatment minorities and GLBT employees, consumers and investors, in the final report published HRC gave GSK a perfect score on their report card and commended the company for maintaining a exemplary treatment to their employees, and by maintaining these policies after 6 years in a row. This is a great accolade for the multinational leading healthcare company.

Representatives from GlaxoSmithKline stated after receiving this mention that as a leading company conducing business in diverse cultures, that they remain an all inclusive philosophy and they have a solid commitment to provide for a better quality of life to their customers and to their employees as well.

As stated in GSK’s mission statement on regards to human rights, that all businesses have responsibilities, it is highly important to the world and today’s society that human rights become a addressed issue in all statures in life. They state that it is important to uphold that philosophy towards their customers, suppliers and investors, but it also should be deeply rooted on the inside, with the same level of understanding to their employees.

Another action being taken by the company is adopting a policy to reduce the price of medication for under developed countries and populations. They accept the fundamental role they have in the world’s health improvement, so that is why they try to improve and make their medication and research results available in the fastest way possible for the benefit of mankind.