Promotion of gender equality

Promotion of gender equalityPromotion of gender equality means ensuring that all women have equal opportunities with men. This will give them chance to improve their lives and the lives of their family.

Unfortunately, in both developed and developing countries, women are often denied equal opportunities in education, employment and public administration. For example, in developing countries, in many poor families to school go only boys, while girls have to help around the house and take care of other family members. For Central Asia it is goal number one for now to guarantee women equal opportunities with men to improve their lives and the lives of their family.

victims of commercial sexual exploitationAmanda, 15 years old, with her aunt on a hillside near their village in Colombia. Both were victims of commercial sexual exploitation in order to maintain their family of 15 people. Photo: UNICEF.

It is necessary to change the relation of society to a role of the woman. Around the world it is necessary to start observing and applying the laws protecting the rights of women and to recognize that the inequality between men and women is one of the poverty reasons. Property rights of women is one of the important problems demanding the permission. Women produce the most part of food in the African countries to the South from Sahara and in the Southern Asia, but many of them have no guaranteed property rights to the earth at which they work. Women should have equal to men opportunities to participate in decision-making, both in the government and at home.

A necessary condition for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is granting women the right to vote in making decisions that affect their lives.

How it affects young people and what is its role?

Young people need to be leaders in the fight against discrimination against women. But the elimination of gender inequality is given not only to women. Men also need to engage in the fight against discrimination against women. The world will be able to achieve the Millennium Development Goals only if women will have equal opportunities with men, and we need to have all presented as a united front, and demanded from the government for real changes now.

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