Human rights in China: freedom from surveillance in China with VPN

How VPN services can help in defending the freedom and rights of citizens of that or another country? Let’s look at the situation in the case of China. When it comes to the “Human Rights in China”, the reaction of European media is predictable and clear: “Human Rights in China do not exist!” China’s official position is just the opposite, which is also quite understandable. But is really the human rights situation in China similar to the black and white photo?

It’s no secret that the Chinese Firewall is pretty aggressive. Few people know what’s going on in the Chinese Internet. Today, a huge number of foreign sites are still blocked by the Chinese Firewall. It affects a lot of people, who live not only in China, but also far beyond. This is especially true of those who are planning or developing their business with the participation of the Chinese industry and audience.

Here is a list of best known services and websites that are blocked in China: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, TalkBox. Among the news sites: New York Times, New York Times Chinese, Bloomberg, BBC Chinese, Google News, YouTube should be noted. Even the world famous search engine Google is blocked in China. These are just some of the sites that fall under strict restrictions list of blocked sites and services.

Today in China there is a trend of increasing demand and interest in VPN connections. Chinese mass audience makes all efforts in order to enjoy the same rights and benefits that people from other countries have. They use free VPN access to stay anonymous online.

Every person, regardless of the gender, age, religion or place of residence has the right to express his own desires. He has the right to education and liberty. All human rights are inviolable and cannot fall under ban of any party.

The Chinese government also does not stand still. It provides all its influence to block the work of VPN service. Such an open opposition to the request of the Chinese audience to expand their rights proves once again that protection of human rights in China today is very far from reality. Blocking of the VPN service, one of the few sips of freedom with regard to access to the Internet in China, can be called a totalitarian method of struggle against dissent.

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